Leadership is vital to the growth and development of a chorus and the Circle of Harmony is most fortunate to have four talented women who are dedicated to that vision, both musically and visually.


Barbara Hodge – Master Director

Barbara Hodge is the driving force behind Circle of Harmony’s continued development and success. Drawing from her extensive music background and teaching experience, Barb creates an engaging and fun learning environment in which chorus members are eager to learn and to become the best singers and performers possible.

Raised in a musical family, Barb took her first piano lesson at 7 and went on to study for many years with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Barb has taught piano for the past 25 years and is an organist at Palermo United Church.

In 1991, Barb joined the Sweet Adeline Organization as a singer and became a lover of four-part a cappella harmony. Since then she has been a member of several top five quartets. In 2002, Barb earned the exclusive designation of Master Director after leading the chorus to achieve a score of over 600 points in the regional competition. Barb’s energy, enthusiasm and sense of humour are contagious.


Margaret Fielding – Assistant Director

Margaret joined Sweet Adelines International with Bayside Harmony Chorus in 1992 and helped found Circle of Harmony in 1997. She has become one of the most versatile, respected and well-loved leaders in our chorus.

She started out singing lead, and has also sung tenor and baritone. Can bass be far behind? She swore she would never sing in a quartet, but has since joined three and earned multiple medals and championships.

A trusted member of the musical leadership team for many years, it was only natural that with her versatility, skill and experience she would eventually become our Assistant Director.


Jane Zaroski and Sabine Findlay – Choreographers 

Both Jane and Sabine came to the Circle of Harmony as part of the class of 2012. Jane, a retired French teacher, has been a member of Sweet Adelines for over 12 years and brings with her a wealth of experience as the former choreographer for the Sounds of Superior chorus in Thunder Bay. Sabine is thrilled to be assisting Jane as co-choreographer and is happy to have revived her love of singing and dancing, drawing on her past experiences from the world of musical theatre. The dynamic duo took on the challenge of filling the visual planning role as a team and agree they wouldn’t want it any other way!


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